The Lovely, The Holy

By Catherine Masters


I am woman

I am feminine

I am divine.


I am life

I am sex

I am purity manifest.


I am your all-mother


Feel my loving-kindness

I am your sister


Feel the blood we share

I am your lover


Feel my heart beat against yours.


I am your partner


Feel me as shadow

And light

Forever joined in this



I am that aching wonder.


I am the deep mystery

I am effulgent, effervescent, ethereal

I am the collapse

Of galaxies into dust


I am the pure white

Fire of dharma

Born from such


I am the blue sacral pulse

Of cosmic energy.

I am your wild darkness.


I am the imperfect balance

The subtle itch

The grey fog around

Your dreams.


I reveal to you the soft shadow

Of the unborn


The unknown radiance

Of the quiet

And forgotten.


I am all that you fear.


I am all that you love.


I am Tara

Consort to the

All-knowing breast

And thrust.


I am Kuan-Yin

The watcher of eyes

The guardian of hearts

The gentle.


I am prajna paramita

The all-embracing


The holy.


I am not defiling

And cannot be defiled.


I am not a temptress

And cannot be tempted.


I am the yearning,

The climax,

The resolution.

I am the sublime birth

Of consciousness.

I am simple joy.

I am profound sorrow.


I am nothing special.

I am only arms and legs

Only ribs and heart

Only eyes of ocean

Only breath of courage

Only fruit of the dead.

I am excellent.


I am the sound of rain

Promising growth

And renewal

I am the tenderness of wind


The mind

I am the warmth of sunlight

Caressing your face,

Your lips.

I am the unabashed tempest.

I am the mirror moon.


I am the blossom

Ripe and ready

To welcome the

Gentle rain

And steady fingers

Of sister bee.

I am the bee

Who lovingly strokes

The soft folds

Of the flower

And knows it

To be beauty.


I am all that you

Have ever been.


I am all that you

Will ever know.


I am the one with

A thousand faces.


I am your dream

I am your reality

I am your vow.


I am the divine




I love you.


Now, listen.


Catherine currently lives at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in Muir Beach, California where she also works as a gardener. She spends her days meditating, tending to flowers, herbs, and fruit trees, bowing, walking in the perpetual mists, and listening to wise people.

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