Letter From the Editor – Winter 2018


We women have lived in delusion. We may have thought we had control over our lives, but were really the pawns of evolutionary history. From when the apostles changed the story of Mary Magdalene from one of supportive partner to prostitute, it’s been an uphill struggle for women; a reality created by, for and about men. This winter issue of Alice reveals how the winds are changing, blowing through the minds of men and women today.

The #MeToo women were recently voted Person of the Year by Time magazine. Women are pouring out of the woodwork in droves to exclaim, “Enough is enough!” We are making our voices heard in ways not seen in modern history, and it all feels so good and possible.

From suffragette Alice Paul working to achieve the right to vote to Gloria Steinem urging us to take off our bras and let it all hang out. Being in love with Our Bodies, Ourselves took women out of our conscribed roles and freed us to express how we were really feeling, leading to the revolutionary Women’s March –stay tuned for information on the second Alice Women’s March in January 2018.

It has been a long, uphill battle for recognition and equality, and it isn’t over. All we want is to be appreciated for who we are, instead of presented with this unrealistic and frankly- unflattering ideal of the perfect feminine model. A society where women are defined by strength and wisdom and compassion, not by bra size or waist size or how our ass looks in high-heeled shoes.

I have an extraordinarily large ass, and for years it has bothered me; made me feel less than. I could be that person who exercises relentlessly so it is a more “normal” size, but that wouldn’t be me. It reminds me of that chant from elementary school when we were already beginning to realize what our bodies would hold in the future: “We must, we must, we must enlarge our bust!” The tighter the sweater, the more the boys will look at us!

But it would be a trap for me to act differently than the person I am deep down inside — as much as worrying what others think about my ass size is a trap. I have inherited my aunt’s ass and I loved her, so why wouldn’t I love myself in her ass? I do love myself in this ass, but like most women, it’s been a struggle to feel comfortable in the skin I’m in. In this issue of Alice, we take the journey to a more real and accepting self-awareness.

Male birds have bright foliage to attract females. Female birds (like most mammals) are considered the promiscuous sex, the sex that keeps the species growing or at least stable. When the female is mating at her own discretion, how will the male attract her? He has pretty feathers, and fights the other males to win her over. In other words, he wears a push up bra, and curls his lashes. How did this evolutionary reality get flipped with humans? When did men feel they were entitled to our sex instead of deserving of it? When did men convince women that we were lucky if they paid attention to us in a flattering, or even demeaning, manner? Or, that we would be sorry if we rejected their advances? We look at that conundrum in this issue of Alice. We have a voice and we are using it to churn up positive energy.

Energy comes in many shapes and forms. It is the power we use to speak up against injustice, and craft our own happiness, and more literally, it is the sun that warms our planet and grows our food. In “Blowing in the Wind” we hear from women who actively make choices in their lives to make our planet a better place to live. One person can make a difference, and collectively we wield the real possibility for change. In our third winter issue, Alice is pleased to introduce a new section, “Jabberwocky” as a safe place to voice political opinion or share news that affects our daily lives. Like Alice in Wonderland says about the Jabberwocky, “She finds the nonsense verse as puzzling as the odd land she has passed into, later revealed as a dreamscape.” Well, the time to dream is over. The time to do is here. Change is in the air, blowing us in the right direction to take courageous steps toward an equal and bright future.

Equal does not mean the same.


Maura Alice


“Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!”  – Lewis Carroll


What is Alice?

Alice is by, for, and about real women, and addresses the many unique and beautiful ways that we live in and see the world. Being equal does not mean being the same. Alice was inspired by suffragette Alice Paul who was tireless in securing the ratification of the 19th amendment, and Alice in Wonderland, the no-nonsense girl who bravely investigated a strange dreamscape.

Alice explores womanhood in its glorious nuances and intricacies; beehive hairdos, tattooed arm sleeves, blaring opinions, raunchy humor, and all… inspiring women to think specifically about supporting and encouraging each other as we all create our own stories. Alice is a neo-feminist platform for writers, artists, mothers, sisters, and pundits who wish to share essays, letters, opinions, art, advice, verse, recipes, etc. Alice is all-inclusive.

Alice is strong. Alice is curious. Alice is organic. Alice is welcoming. Alice is always growing and evolving; full of voices. Please email us if you’d like to be part of the conversation: alicethemag@yahoo.com and join our Facebook page.

Alice is

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Maura Masters – Editor

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Next issue out March 1st- The Male Issue, editorial due Feb. 15th. All contributions are donated to Alice, thank you!

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