Where I Stand (clockwise from top left) Nikki M, Katrina B, Diane K, Jeannie P, Josie C


Letter from the Editor – Winter 2019

It could be that it’s January, the cruelest, coldest, darkest month, or it could be that we’ve been beaten down by the monster in the White House, but we had a hard time filling this issue of Alice. When soliciting for editorial we heard a lot of “Maybe. I would like to …” and “I’m going to have to beg off …”

When Jeannie and I founded Alice, it was meant to be a safe place. Alice is a place to share ideas and opinions in a community of like-minded women. Alice is thoughtful, and caring, and we are here to guide. As editor, I take my role genuinely.

This theme: Where I Stand, was meant to rouse our emotions and strengths into action once again. Alice stands for truth, justice and the American Way. Our American Way. Our way that includes freedom and diversity and equality between the sexes; that includes clean air and water, proper medical care and a workplace that is free from demeaning vulgarity. In our place, we can walk down the sidewalk or go out at night with friends and feel safe. Feel joy.

In this issue we take a look at the wonder of the new House of Representatives, and the many women who are paving the path for those behind them. We look at the long-standing and insufferable immigration situation at our border. We look at what we need to do to preserve this planet so that the forests and the bees are not just stories we tell to younger generations.

Sure, it’s dark and cold, and a monster lives under our bed, but none of that will beat us down.  We are stronger. We are united and we are determined to raise our voices and be heard. We will break the barriers and live the way we want to live.

It may be that it’s taken the entire month of January to determine our New Year resolutions, but it’s a big year ahead. Lots to do, lots to accomplish, and we are just the women to do it. Together we stand on the right side of change.

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Spring issue out March 15th, editorial due March 1st; Joyful Resistance.

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