Guilty pleasures abound: Katrina plays hooky, Amanda indulges, Jeannie lazes, Sonia burns the man.


Letter from the Editor – Autumn 2019

Screw the guilty in ‘guilty pleasures’ (the theme of Alice this issue) because as women living in the 21st century we do what we want. These days we seek pleasure without apology. We eat cookies for breakfast, spend more on shoes than groceries, swig back Jack Daniels while sitting around a campfire, masturbate— not your mother’s dirty little secret anymore. (If you don’t have a vibrator, get one. And if you’re concerned about the stigma of that package arriving in the mail, ask Alice. We’ll get you one and wrap it in a Lands’ End box.)

How is it that we’ve published 21 issues of Alice and this is the first time we’re talking about masturbation?! That’s bonafide crazy. Alice is a safe place to express our desires, concerns, passions and worries. Masturbation, while maybe not as guilt-ridden as fettuccini alfredo and wine every night, is a real thing we do. And we do it with abandon; societal secrecy be damned. We are women, hear us roar with pleasure!

Eat carbs. For all that is holy, eat carbs. Wear that dress that fits you just so, but would make Granny blush and cross herself. Let your hair down, kick your heels up, take a nap under your desk. You deserve it. You’ve earned it. It will make you feel better, happier in your skin; the skin that is abused on a regular basis by the elements, GMOs, and the pumpkin-in-chief.

This season take the Alice challenge; put your phone down for at least one hour a day— or better yet, one whole weekend. Friday night to Monday morning without screen time, take a breath, stay out of reach, and enjoy the autumn days. Feel free; it’s a measurable pleasure. Tiffany Shlain, author and filmmaker, in her recent book “24/6” suggests taking a technology Shabbat in a too-connected world. “The digital revolution has blurred the lines between time on and time off, and time off is disappearing,” she wrote in The Boston Globe. “As for our leisure time, we’ve created a culture in which we’re still ‘working’ while we play: needing to photograph every moment, then crafting witty posts of our ‘fun, relaxing activities’ on Instagram, then obsessively checking responses. We can barely catch our breath in the tsunami of personal and work digital input, which results in us not being truly present for any of it.”

It’s true. And it’s gross, obnoxious, and definitely not pleasurable. Besides, how can we truly concentrate on our cookie if we’re also holding a phone?


Maura Alice

“She generally gave herself very good advice (though she very seldom followed it.)” -Lewis Carroll


Winter issue; Reinvention. Issue out Jan. 15th, editorial due Jan. 3rd

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