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Letter from Editor – Spring 2021

It’s spring and the creepers are out in full bloom. People who have lost their minds in this time of epidemic just want to do something— anything, except sit with themselves. With herd immunity on the horizon, (mid-July according to the experts) we can relax a bit about infecting ourselves and others. The warmer weather and longer days mean that we are venturing outdoors, or otherwise exercising our bodies and minds after a long winter hibernation. Unfortunately, some are ramping-up their anger and delusion to an extremely calamitous level.

Enough with the semi-automatic military weapons and the killers who believe it is their divine right to kill women, to kill anyone. Not long before the recent Boulder shooting, the National Rifle Association celebrated an overturned ban on assault weapons in Colorado, and while membership in the NRA is dwindling, its cultural, systemic presence is alive and strong thanks to the support of people like Rep. Lauren Boebert (who we will vote out of office in 2022.)

Where Alice lives, all citizens have the right to vote, and sip a cool drink while waiting in line to do so. The political theater in Georgia will play out, each act bringing a fresh gasp from the people who have already taken in as much racism and hate as they can handle. As a nation, the number of places we could go was expanding, and we were venturing outside, until yet again— blinding, bullet-filled slaughters re-anchored our entrenchment.

This spring issue of Alice highlights awareness of what takes our breath away, and how we go about getting it back. Marching forward into the sunshine, despite the instances of cultural fear, piggery, and misogyny. Taking a deep breath, reclaiming our voices, and living as our best selves on the path to a peaceful future.

Maura Alice

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” – Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

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