Clockwise from left: Shannon, Josie and Mustang know when to keep a secret.


Letter from the Editor – Summer 2020

In this summer issue of Alice, “Secrets We Keep”, we dug through the closet and searched back issues of Alice for our secrets. Stories of old habits and new beginnings, rants and reflections on the spin cycle of this life. We revisit coming-out stories about struggle and addiction. We look at the perils of stress and the misunderstanding of our own patterns. This issue of secrets is provocative and intriguing in its bare honesty.

As a society, we keep the secret of isms— as we have for generations. Racism, sexism, ageism; as much as we think we have made progress in our acceptance of each other, they are baby steps. What we need is a sweeping revolution, one that does not allow history to again repeat itself. We need to release our secrets, unleash our ideas, and increase our visibility as the power behind future change. We will be the central characters in the next chapter of this story. We are in charge of our own destiny.

This is a precarious time in our history, and during this current abnormalization of the world, it’s a struggle to keep our wits— much less our secrets, about us. It is our choice to hold something near and dear out of fear, or privacy, or to set it free and let go of the old ways. In the coming months our sensibilities about what is important to our overall wellbeing, what needs to change or improve and what secrets we keep, will determine the sustainability of our physical and mental health for years to come.


Maura Alice

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


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