Sheltering in solidarity, clockwise from top left: Danielle, Zoe & Hattie; Erin; Kirsten

Letter from Editor/Publisher – Winter 2020

The cold is creeping in and it’s harder and harder to get home before dark in this season of short days and long nights. How do we stay warm— and sane, this winter? By now, we’ve all survived cabin fever, whether or not we actually caught a virus.

In this issue of Alice, “Gimme Shelter,” the ways in which we choose to shelter vary. Some of us have taken this time in isolation to dive deep into our psyches. What is it that we want out of this life; who do we want to become for ourselves and those around us? How will we be happy? That’s hard work, digging deep to forge a new lifestyle or change old patterns.

Creativity is more important than ever during these sheltered days. How do we draw from real life when we are physically disconnected from our usual inspirations? How do we feed our souls? With homemade biscuits and hearty soup, poetry, sketching, or taking an uncharacteristic risk.

There is a bright spot on the horizon— maybe it’s the pussy bow of Kamala’s white suffrage suit… For Alice, the P-word is Power, and we can’t wait until January 20, when this country will shift in favor of the people. Government is there to represent us, and we should be able to count on our leaders in times of unemployment, pandemic, climate crises, etc. Soon, we hope our country will provide a shelter of safety and sanity.


“Imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality.” -Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Spring issue out April 1st, editorial due March 15th; Take My Breath Away

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