Today Hate Happened

By Gary Edwards



Did that get your attention? It got mine today!
I have not heard or been called that word in many, many years. As a matter of fact, in decades. When I was 16 years old my first job was like many 16-year-old kids; I got to work at an ice cream shop! It was so much fun and I became great friends with everyone I worked with. However, many shifts were on my own and often during that time high school boys would open the door and yell “FAGGOT” at me while I was waiting on customers. It hurt, but I became strong.

Flash forward to Trump’s America; my husband, Wade, and I went on a hike and long walk in our quiet, residential neighborhood. As we were enjoying all that God and nature had given today, a car sped up and swerved at us. Out of the window, a guy screamed, “FAGGOTS.”

I am strong, I am strong, I am strong! Is all I can say to myself over and over, as I walk the mile back to my house. They are kids, I say. They are kids. All I can do is pray that they unlearn what their parents have taught them; pray they don’t let their friends influence them to physically hurt someone.

I say welcome to Trump America. I just got a taste! This president has not united a country to make it great again. He has fueled hate. Today I was shown how Hate feels. Today I choose Love! I refuse to Hate back.

But what I ask is, how, if you voted for Trump, can you feel good? It takes so much more to hate. You can say, they were kids; it happens. Well, let me tell you this; it did not happen to me during the Obama years. Hear me here!! It did not ever even happen to me during the Bush years. But today it happened. So, Trump supporters, tell me why and how your life is better?

By the way, my life is great, and will continue to be great because I give love and am surrounded by love.

Please hug someone you love, stand up when you hear something negative. Please, please, in any and all upcoming elections VOTE! Be heard, take time, and show up on Election Day. From local officials to the president, show up and vote. Let’s put a silence to hate!


Gary Edwards is the marketing & events manager for his husband, the internationally best-selling author, Wade Rouse. He splits his time between Palm Springs, CA, and Saugatuck, MI.

One thought on “Today Hate Happened

  • March 10, 2018 at 12:27 am

    Show up, wear your helmet.


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