Carbondale Homelessness Assistance

Carbondale Homelessness Assistance (CHA) is dedicated to helping homeless and almost-homeless individuals in Carbondale. If you need help please reach out through Facebook or contact Lynn Kirchner 970-379-4766 Donations are gladly accepted at Amore Realty 711 Main Street in Carbondale CO.

What We Do:

  • Provide resource guide
  • Connect people in need with people who can help
  • Provide shelter during extreme weather/emergency medical situations
  • Provide shower passes
  • Provide camping gear
  • Provide gift cards for food/groceries
  • Provide clothing
  • Provide assistance for pets

 What We Have Accomplished:

  • Open conversation with those who are habitat challenged in our community
  • Awareness of who these people who are in our community
  • Establishing a reputable fundraising process to support our efforts
  • Ability to help people in our community get back on their feet and be self-sustaining
  • Annual membership passes for our habitat challenged community members
  • The ability to take routine showers
  • Emergency accommodation in local hotels
  • A means of providing gas/repairs for vehicles
  • Provided veterinarian care for pets
  • Provided gift cards for food/personal items
  • Provided assistance for safe and legal camping. Including but not limited to, sleeping bags, tents, etc.

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