Joyful Resistance

By Jules Gallagher


I resist painful memories of keeping me in my “place.”

In Joy I give gratitude for where I am.

I resist thinking I can’t or won’t.

With Joy I give gratitude that I can and will.

I resist sadness about cramps, aches, and soreness.

I joyfully take part in Yoga classes, PT, walking, stretching.

I resist feeling unworthy as I don’t have a huge $ fund.

I feel joy that I have a great place to work, full of wonderful energy, and a warm, clean place to live…

and of course, Pebbles, my cat.

I resist feelingS of scorn, hatred, anger, disdain for others.

With joy I change those thoughts to compliments and gratitude for what I have learned in those dark places.

Resisting the pain from past occurrences, I joyfully look forward to the never ceasing light at the end of the tunnel.

I resist disliking noise and voices by joyfully and intently listening to the guiding of Source.

I resist feeling lonely as I feel so much joy in the synchronizations that occur daily in my life with other souls.

I resist sadness and melancholy feelings by remembering the joy I feel when I see a paragraph in a magazine and boom! another drawing is begun. After many months, and about 40 hours, here it is.

I resist thoughts of revenge as there is so much JOY…


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