So Simple, So Local

By Bonnie Cretti


In August a wonderful idea blew in on a wind from Montrose. This idea was described by its bearer as “so simple, so local, so cut-and-dried, so Carbondale.” But what really turned my head and ear to listen carefully was when she said “it’s such a great way for all participants, no matter what their politics, similarities, or differences to get together and do good.” Sold.

A local group of women have decided to call our new local version of this great idea “Sopris 100 Who Care.” In a nutshell, four times a year a group of women get together at an appointed venue for about an hour and a half. Each woman is asked to contribute $100. Anyone who has contributed is invited to nominate a worthy cause that may receive the pot of donations.

This cause can be a non-profit, an individual, or some other kind of group that does “good” for our local community. (We’ve started a master list and, boy, there are so many to consider!) The only caveat is that there are no political or religious affiliations nominated. Also, when you nominate, you should be prepared to give a short pitch about your nomination to the group.

As the meeting progresses, we socialize (drinks and finger food) until the first drum roll when three nominees are drawn from the bucket of nominations. The nominator then has about two minutes to explain her nomination. Each person in the group then votes.

There is then more socializing as very honest people tally the votes, and then the second drum roll when the winner is announced. She then gathers up all the donations and gives them to her nominee. At evening’s end, everyone cheers, congratulates, bids “farewell until the next time,” and goes home.

The maiden voyage of the Sopris 100 is Thursday January 25 at the Pan and Fork Restaurant in Carbondale from 5:00-6:30pm. E-mail invitations are going out before Christmas. If you are interested and want to join in the great work and good fun, contact one of the following women: Jennifer Carney (, Jamie Maybon (,  Cathie Farrar (, Izzie Stringham (, or me (

There is a national organization called “100 Who Care Alliance” if you want to check out their website for more information.  Coincidentally, another breeze blew in recently, and this one was from Moab where women there are apparently also participating in a similar project.  Another wind, another idea, another way to support community.


Bonnie was born, raised, and educated in New England. She has lived in in Carbondale since 1976, worked for most of her professional life in public education and is now an artisanal bread-baker who is dedicated to the betterment of her community.



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