Rumps on a Log

What happens when a set of staunch, sexy, smart, saucy women find themselves alone in the wilderness? We take our clothes off. In this special photo issue of Alice: “Rumps on a Log,” we unleashed our inner sirens and best selves. The only rule was that we could be as naked as we wanted to be, or not. Comfort level was an individual choice. Otherwise, the sky was the limit.

With a backdrop of Mt. Daly in the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness area, we took to the hay fields, mountain creeks and Aspen groves with one camera and lots of champagne. There were a variety of props, hats and costumes for the day. A few eschewed all camouflage, and let their freedom flags fly; others were more modest. And, still, others who couldn’t make it to the shoot submitted photos from their own spots.

As a group we equally shared Little Edie’s (Grey Gardens) sentiment: “I’m not ashamed of anything. Where my body is is a very precious place.”  Whether in the woods with all of us, or elsewhere, the women in this issue are all splendid, and Alice is fortunate to have them as our friends and co-conspirators. Most have been with us from the beginning; some are new to the scene. Regardless, they are a gorgeous bunch of rumps on a log. The best.

XO Alice

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