It is time to vote

By Dorothea Farris


A politician, by definition, is one skilled or experienced in the science or administration of government.  Study, experience, commitment, knowledge, and sincere desire to serve are components of the quality of political, or public, service.

Fortunately, we all live in a democratic society that allows us to consider and review the attitudes, positions, proposals, character, and actions of those we may choose to lead our society.  That freedom, the ability to select our leaders, is key to our democratic form of governance.  But, to enjoy that freedom, each one must accept the responsibility of participation.

As we review our ballots and consider our options, we are made aware of the many issues facing us as a world, a nation, a state, a community. Issues like climate change, destruction of our environment, immigration rights, human rights, hunger, health, safety, gun violence, educational opportunities, racial inequity are all there.  And we have the opportunity to engage in the choice of leaders and guidelines for governance.

As you review the qualities of the candidates, the judges, and the issues put before us for review and vote,  I hope you consider the concept of acting together to find workable resolutions to our issues, our differences, and our collective need to preserve and protect our democracy.

Dorothea Farris is a longtime Roaring Fork Valley local. Her many lives have included work as a newspaper editor, a proofreader, a handwriting analyst, a weather reader for the airport, an activist and board member for educational, historical, environmental, wildlife, and political agencies and organizations.

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