An open letter to Trumpers

By Pam Zentmyer


I must admit, at first blush the introvert in me got excited about the prospect of staying home for several weeks in order to protect myself and my community from what could be the worst hard time of my lifetime. I love time with my daughter and my one-year old puppy still needs lots of training. Other than the minor detail of having to earn a living it’s a win-win-win-win. I keep my family’s germs inside my house, I keep my community’s germs outside my house, I get caught up on all things 9-year-old, and my puppy learns to keep her paws off the counter. Bonus- I can floss twice a day and skip plucking chin hairs if I so choose. Sounds better than a cruise, right? Yeah, however, dios mio, it is hard waiting to be struck by lightning.

Waiting for the inevitable bolt is even harder when my thirst for local, national and international reporting, is so easily and richly quenched by that little glowing rectangle in my back pocket. The New York Times, NPR, The Daily, KDNK, Sopris Sun all snuggle together in there so nicely beckoning to be devoured. Bonus- it’s all free!

Turns out, Trump’s shameful disinformation and flagrant disregard for science and medical professionals is 10x more unsettling compared to the combined concerns about feeding my daughter, paying my bills, caring for my parents, and getting my dog’s paws off my counter, all in what could be a more crippling economy than the recession. Trump’s idiocy and incapacity to handle the responsibilities before him is going to kill us, literally, and a lot of us. In honor of the Commander in Chief, call it Code Orange: shelter in place, take care of yourself, offer help where you can, and try to sway as many Trumpers to either sit it out in November or to get on board with Joe.

I suggest carrying flash cards of his disingenuous quotes meant to downgrade what we are watching devastate previously hit countries while we parade around clinging to our lightning rods. He is making it easy on us by simply speaking. We don’t even have to apply critical thinking skills. The most asinine strings of words spill from his mouth like a flush Roman fountain; all we must do is record them and keep them on the surface as this pandemic unfolds. He isn’t concerned. He isn’t mobilizing efforts. He isn’t working collaboratively. He isn’t consulting professionals or heeding their advice. He isn’t interested in how this is going to affect the nation he so egotistically thinks he won over. He isn’t a leader and he reveals that, every time he opens his mouth. Record his words and play them again and again so the sillies of 2016 don’t become the idiotics of 2020.

For those of you who were confused (that is my edited word; not the word I didn’t let out) enough to vote for Trump in 2016, please, please, please pay very close attention to the disorganized misinformation he continues to propagate. Then, while sheltering in place, sit quietly and call upon your deepest, truest humanitarian selves and question if he is acting in a manner you support.

  • Is he problem solving as you would?
  • Is he pulling professionals together and tapping them for their education and experience?
  • Is he sending messages of calm, collective assurance?
  • Is he supporting medical professionals who will work tirelessly and to the literal death to care for us?
  • Is he putting the tools crucial to their job performance in their hands?
  • Does he care more about his country than he does about himself?

The unequivocal answer to all of the above is a resounding no. No, he isn’t doing the job you entrusted him to do. No, he doesn’t care if you, your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your daughter or your granddaughter dies for lack of supplies or care giver.

Now, pull out your glowing rectangle and read some true reporting; educate yourself on the facts from China and Italy. Project those findings on to the United States and do what my grandmothers did- write him a letter. We all have time between twice-a-day flossing. Tell him he is missing the mark and that you expect more. Tell him you voted for him and you are outraged at his lack of consideration let alone lack of leadership. Then read some more real news and get ready for November.

As we approach November 3rd, please read EVERYTHING Donald McNeil has written. Listen to The Daily interviews with him. Google Dr Fauci and read or listen to EVERYTHING he has said. Watch the body language during “press conferences.” Bone up on what those with an education are saying and contrast that with what comes out of Code Orange’s mouth.

Stay home, love on your family and friends, stay open to possibility, wash your hands and combat Code Orange with education and truth. Vote, and vote for people who care about taking care of people. Vote out Code Orange.

With love and blessing on your health and your critical thinking skills,



Pam Zentmyer lives in her hometown of Carbondale, CO with her husband, daughter, and the newest four-legged member of the family. She stays busy working, searching for the little joys in life, and wiping the pup’s paw prints off the counter.

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