By Taryne Adams


He walks on water

And on hot burning coals

He says he’s a lover of all creatures

But lets a lot of them go

He says there are angels

And that they help in time of need

He says everyone has one

Even you and me

You have to ask for help

And then you receive

But you cannot forget

You have to thank Thee

He says they all have a mission

But do they leave after they fulfill

That’s something we will never know

Make sure you ask when you’re ill

He says there’s a tunnel

A tunnel with a bright bright light

You leave your body

And then you take flight

Some have even looked down

And have seen themselves lying down on the ground

With crowds gathered round

But make sure you notice the work they have done

And this makes you become one


Taryne was raised in a Methodist family, but religion was never forced upon her, and today she does not officially practice any certain religion. She wrote this poem shortly after being involved in a head-on car accident at the age of 16. The 14-year old boy driving the other car lost control and crossed the grassy median of the interstate on a windy day in Indiana. He did not survive.

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