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Masturbation. The ultimate guilty pleasure. It’s something we all do; no reason to feel guilty about the pleasure it brings. Some days, pleasure is elusive and fleeting at best… but masturbation is readily available. Like a favorite sidekick in a show we watch regularly; not quite as thrilling as the lead character, but enjoyable just the same.

Orgasm. For real. Whatever the fantasy, indulge it. It may be wrapped in guilt the way donuts are wrapped in frosting but pursue it to your satisfaction; it’s worth it.

Vibrators. Tools of the trade. Mine could use some new batteries; poor old girl, but she still does the trick. A little yam lube, a little gritty imagination, and we’re on our way…

Fantasies run the gamut: girl, boy, political action hero; whatever gets us to the Big O. Orgasms that curl the toes and arch my back with a satisfied moan. Fantasy is a much better place to go than guilt. Guilt in excess is not healthy and can lead to dark places like Shame Hollow and Cancerland.

Our bodies, minds, and souls are wired to experience pleasure from the beginning. Without guilt. Guilt comes later, along with greed, test scores, and heartache. We choose to release the guilt and enjoy this life in all its pleasurable glory… Sounds like the name of a new vibrator model; the Pleasurable Glory 2000.


One thought on “Masturbation

  • November 7, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Sign me up for the Pleasurable Glory 2000… or 2020.


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