The People’s Resolution Will See the Light

By Let Them Roar: Sophia, Ashton, Olivia, and Mateo


Communities are taking a stand against the inhumane immigration system in the U.S. that separates families, and profit from dividing people. One such action is The People’s Resolution, a humane immigration policy created by four women in Colorado: Sandra, Rosa, Ingrid and Araceli. They have all taken sanctuary in faith-based communities to stop from being deported.

Together, they created The People’s Resolution to send a message to local officials that they must change the way they treat people in their state, and diligently work to keep communities together. These women are inspirational in their dedication to keeping their families safe, to fighting for the dignity and freedom of all people, and to organizing ideas into solutions. Unfortunately, after a year of hard work with a network of thousands of people across the state, the Resolution did not make it to a vote before the end of the Colorado legislative session this year, but their action is not over.

The Colorado General Assembly will reconvene on January 8, 2020 and The People’s Resolution will again be presented to Colorado elected leaders for consideration.

Let Them Roar has had the honor to connect with these remarkable women through its music. Because our band’s mission solidifies around the healing power of music, we are motivated to build bridges over dividing lines and highlight that all people are important to the fabric of our community. We love to sing about how we all have far more fundamentally in common together than separately. Putting words into action, we are so excited to officially announce the original song that will be the central focus of our summer: “I See My Light.”

Starting June 20, 2019 this song will be available (on digital and physical media) to buy with a donation to support the success of The Resolution.  All funds raised will go directly to these brave women, via our partnership with Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists to support them with living expenses and organizing efforts.

We have the very attainable goal of raising $40,000, and we will need the help of everyone we know (and you know) to reach it. Please join us on our social media pages and share what you are able to donate. Stay tuned this summer for more ways to engage, take action, support and understand living in community as we tour the Colorado sanctuary sites where these four women live.

Sandra, Rosa, Araceli, and Ingrid have lived many years in the United States; working, paying taxes, and building community. They each have chosen to sacrifice their personal freedoms to make a stand for the 100,000 undocumented people living and working in Colorado. Take a moment to imagine what it would mean to your community, local economy, culture, lifestyles, and humanity if they were gone from our lives. Each of these women has chosen bravery in the face of injustice, and we must support them.


Video – People’s Resolution: Four Women Living in Sanctuary

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