Marcie’s Kahlua Brownie Surprise

What you will need

1 package brownie mix* for 13×9’ pan

*we recommend No Pudge or Bob’s Red Mill gluten free

1 bag miniature heath bars

3 cups chocolate pudding, instant or stove-top

Whipped cream in any form: homemade, cool whip, or aerosol




How to prepare

First, smash heath bars with hammer, unwrap, and soak in a glass bowl of Kahlua. Mix and bake brownies according to directions on package and set aside to cool; all you over-achievers just go ahead and make your grandma’s brownies from scratch. Ditto with the pudding.


Layer process

Bottom layer of cooled brownies, next layer of Kahlua-soaked heath bar pieces, then pudding, and final layer of whipped cream. Boom!

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