Drink Me – Dirty Goose Martini

Whether you’re hanging out on the river, in the woods, or in town this summer, nothing tastes better at 5:00 than a cold, dry martini. Old joke: what do martinis and breasts have in common? One isn’t enough, and three is too many (“unless it’s a circus night!” -Jeannie Martini)

Start with a chilled glass, that is key. More important than keeping the vodka in the freezer, the glass must be chilled. Fill shaker with ice, add Grey Goose vodka and green olive juice to taste- depending on how dirty you like it. Shake it, shake it, shake it. Strain into chilled glass, and add stuffed olives: bleu cheese, garlic, jalapeno, or the classic pimento. Enjoy your dirty bird martini!

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