By N. Emm


Blowing in the wind makes me think of traveling. Moving with the wind. These three poems are of my time spent in a few foreign places. Some may not be as foreign as the others but just as inspiring in their unfamiliarity. 

Guns and Canadians. It’s like Berlin for gyros. You eat half chickens with fries and you can’t find tacos. Go to the corner it’s just ahead. You’ll see it. You don’t have to look. I don’t like you. Cherry tomatoes. Cans of corn and that special round cheese. I don’t have dietary restrictions. Sushi’s better in LA. If we smoke first I’ll kick ass at Nintendo. Absinthe with Chili? I mean I’m new here. Strangers, really? I swore I knew you. I really think I do. Kindred souls I guess. Treasure chest after wine. I fit in better than him. People tell me their secrets. It’s like pizza but it’s sour cream. Literally saved me. One euro for the toilets but I only have two. Who the fuck are you?

I’m in a grey box. Doing everything I can not to get under the covers. I can’t give in just yet. This box has potential. It’s creeping out of me as if I won’t let it go. It knows how I really feel. Like that black rectangle holding all the color inside. No ones here to see my ego. I actually like the color grey. It’s complimenting the dust. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do but I do know how I’m supposed to do it. Knocking on that door again. Am I supposed to let myself in? Falling in love with my prison.

Boarding school. Ramen bowls are my safe bet. Suitcase won’t fit all the books. I’m bored. I’m over full. It’s too quiet. No one knows. Those chips in the red bag. Covert missions. I don’t belong but they act like I do. Parched. Am I being suppressed? I’m in the top two. It’s easy. Pancakes with peaches on a snack tray. Biting my tongue. It’s that certain type of person. You’ll never know me. Iced tea and fruit water but I’m wearing a coat. Copy that captain, I know How to impress. My dog’s in the same boat. I want a real meal in Texas. Smart water. Business casual but I’m rocking skinny jeans tonight. American Airlines. They’re only young here.


Natalia Mills is a photographer and writer. Growing up, her family made two big moves at just the right moments in her life for her to understand change as a good thing. Out of college she wanted to literally see the world, so she worked for the airlines and used her flight benefits to travel as much as possible. She is most inspired by the Earth, pulling energy and beauty from the chaos.

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