In Honor of a Great Woman

By Amy Kimberly


Death is a daily occurrence in our lives. It brings sadness, loss and sometimes, a gentle release. Any way it happens, it leaves many questions and very few answers.

In October of this year we lost a great woman in our community. Maureen Nuckols fought a long battle with cancer and won so many times, but it only takes one loss in this race. Sadly, she transitioned from this earth, but her impact lives on.

She was an awesome volunteer for many organizations in our community and I will miss her smile, but, more so, Maureen was a force of nature. When she set her mind to something there was no stopping her. Whether it was helping a friend or running a marathon, Maureen gave a hundred and ten percent.

She followed her passions, and lived her life to its fullest. She lived with pain and burden, but she kept them to herself and her family. I will think of Maureen often when I have challenges, or when I am pushing myself physically, or when I need a bright smile.

I have many questions about death. In Maureen’s case I wonder if she went peacefully; if she was dreaming; if she realized what was happening at the moment when death took her?

Those answers, my friends, are blowing in the wind, but the kindness, the compassion and Maureen’s warm smile will stay with me forever. Thanks Maureen and safe travels!


Amy Kimberly practices the art of bringing community together through experiences. Currently she does this as Executive Director of Carbondale Arts. She also co-promotes The Palisade Bluegrass and Roots Festival and occasionally takes care of the more famous at Telluride Film Festival. She misses all the strong women who have left this earth!



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