One thought on “Downward Dog Pose

  • October 2, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Of all the many yoga positions, this is the one that most helps my sometimes aching back to feel better, especially when it feels like we’re “going to the dogs!” Making this position still happen is essential to my sanity, providing traction for the spine, relaxing into it, and most importantly encouraging deep breaths. Our animal instinct knows how to adapt and especially finds contentment in the nature of both our outer and inner world. Thank you, Diana Alcantara, for the photo, and thank you, Ziggy, for joining me in this little yoga moment on our hike. It wasn’t planned or posed—no fancy clothes or exactness, just us, our Spirit and body in Nature. #injuredandstillabletopracticeyoga #doga #beoutsidetoseekandfindinnerpeace
    Erin Dowd E-RYT


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