W4WLs Gets Snarly

By Julie Wille


What do I say when I hear, “Our country is going to the dogs”?

“Bitches Unite!”

Over a year ago, my daughters and I started a citizen’s movement called Women for Wild Lands.  Together with hundreds of other women we have written letters, sent postcards, made phone calls, participated in numerous marches and done everything on the “suggested” activist list to get the attention of our legislators. Our collective voice is gaining in volume, but still, somehow I feel like we are in a never-ending eddy, circulating in the ugly environmental news.

If our country is going to the dogs, maybe we need to look to our bitch mentors in the wilds for some guidance: a wolf pack that hunts strategically, coyotes quickly adapting, a snarling fox or a stray dog lurking and alert.  We need to embrace our inner bitches, and be more determined in working for the health and well being of our public lands.

W4WLs will continue to write letters, send postcards, make phone calls and participate in marches as we hunt more strategically, adapt quicker and snarl when necessary,  There is an undercurrent brewing at Women for Wild Lands and we will  be Bitches for Back Country when necessary.  Contact Julie at womenforwildlands@gmail.com to join the wolf pack. We will howl until we are heard by those who make the decisions for our land!


Julie is passionate about protecting public lands, and suggests we “Get Noisy” by calling our political representatives to address any threats to the public lands that belong to all of us.  


One thought on “W4WLs Gets Snarly

  • October 16, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    I’m with you … a bitch at heart!


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