The Eyes Have It

By Patty Pullano


Depending on the part of the country where you live, eyelash extensions are the big craze now. Little individual eyelashes in all lengths and widths are glued to each and every one of your own lashes to make them look naturally lush. From personal experience, I love them.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 30 years, and I think this is the best innovation yet. I don’t have thick, beautiful, natural lashes. Strip lashes are awful and hard to apply, and they only last a day. Individual lashes enhance your own lash, stay on and look beautiful for 3 weeks. Then you need to start filling them in again.

Oh, and the best part is, you don’t need mascara. I don’t know about you, but I’m just confused about the mascara that’s on the market today. I used one kind as a young girl and that was Maybelline — the one with the pink bottom and lime green cap. They still make it, but by today’s standards it’s considered cheap.

There are so many other brands out there – how can we make up our minds? It’s hard to choose what’s right for our lashes and lifestyle; our eyes are not meant to look like we’re wearing tarantulas on them because we choose the wrong product. Despite what some might think, individual eyelash extensions do not ruin your own lashes. Inexperienced lash techs do that.

Your own lashes are constantly shedding and rejuvenating on their own. Individual lashes do not destroy the follicle. Initially, you may lose some lashes while wearing individuals, but there’s no long-term damage.

Women ask me daily why they see a lot of their own lashes on their pillow and in the sink? I ask them if they have ever noticed their natural lashes on their pillows before extensions? I haven’t, but they shed all the time.

They may simply be noticing the shedding process because they have a darker lash attached to their own lash, and it’s more noticeable. And, yes, they are durable; you can get them wet. You just don’t want to rub your eyes.

An experienced lash tech will choose a lash based on your own lash density. Then she will pick multiple lengths and alternate them into your own lashes. She dips the false lashes into a bonding agent (a glue), isolates one of your own lashes, and places the two together to make a bond. When applied, you will look like you were born with beautiful, natural, full lashes, and not like you’re wearing clumpy mascara.

The glues are strong, so beware. A small percentage of people have an allergic reaction. You won’t know if you are allergic until you try a treatment.

Cost to have this beauty treatment varies around the country, but it’s between $150-250 for a full set, and fills are about $50-75.  Beware of Groupon deals for this treatment; they’re usually from inexperienced lash techs looking to build a business. Experience is key to a successful lash extension!

When looking for a lash tech, ask how long she’s been doing extensions. It takes about one year, full time to get proficient at them.  Ask if she’s certified — has she been trained by a legitimate company? There are standards that apply, and a support group that helps when practicing.  Plus, a legitimate company will sell quality glue, and back their products.

This is a luxury treatment, but one worth treating yourself to. There’s nothing better than waking up, rolling out of bed, and seeing that your eyes look great without doing anything special to them. They look so natural that people will notice that something is different about you, but they won’t be able to tell what it is. Treat yourself; you deserve it!


Patty Pullano lives in Hobe Sound, Florida with her husband and two teenaged kids. She has been in the beauty industry since 1985 as a cosmetologist and an electrologist who specializes in laser hair removal and eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are her newest service, and she loves what she does! 

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