Healing through Art

By Jules Gallagher


Take my breath away. I have to say that is a loaded statement for me. Where would I start… Two years ago, my daughter’s breath was taken away and now she lives in the stars. Know where you’re coming from before you go away. Meghan’s words. We had several heartfelt months together, with family and friends, and I believe she was finally at peace before her breath was taken away forever.

I’m told by a medium she has newfound freedom and that she is so happy. But I miss her more than I can ever explain and at times, during my grieving, breathing was almost impossible. Yes, her death definitely took my breath away.

In the top left corner of my collage is my old name tag from a job I loved. I worked at Natural Grocers for 12 1/2 years. When I retired it was a breathless decision, but a good one at this time in my life. Meg surrounded me with the words “different, real, simple.” A perfect description of her. I feel my statue within me, with my life in the wind, finding new breath and poise, restoring my balance with more peace and less conflict. The bike in the bottom of the page (which I inherited from my daughter) is how I plan on riding and roaming the roads… just thinking about it takes my breath away— it’s so exciting a thought.

I still have much healing to do. All is where it should be now and there are many many words written under all the paint. Words that are private between me and the Source who gave me breath from the start.


Jules participated in Art, Healing, and HOPE. A free monthly class co-sponsored by Creative Awakenings International and The Art Base, the class is the 2nd Sunday of every month and has been going on for many years, now through Zoom. Register here.

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